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Why You Need An E-Bike

10 Situation why your life at BM is better with an e-bike... You are on your way to the man and ready to explore, but you forgot your water pack, Do you go back to your camp? Which is pretty far, or you take a risk under the desert sun? You want to see who’s playing at another stage, but you peddled so far into deep playa, that it becomes a calculated decision process, weighing the pros and cons. You just started painting an elephant statue and it’s an exciting moment, you have to call your friend she will love this! But you peddled so far to get here. You've been partying at Robot heart all night and suddenly beautiful...

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Fuel Your Body With The Good Stuff

You will lack sleep, food, hygiene, and other daily habits at Burning-man. Everything will turn upside down and so it more crucial than ever to take care of your body. The first 2 years I didn’t think of it, the third year a friend insisted we come prepared with all the vitamins that could help boost us and keep our energy level… What a discovery, I can’t strengthen enough the importance of vitamins, you are going to lose so much energy and nutrients, you may suffer from headaches, fatigue, nausea, and other exhausted body side effects. Take all of them, when you wake up, it can be anytime as long as you take them with food. Have your one-a-day meal....

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