How You Roll


Many ways of commuting through Burning-man. Most common ones are: 


Bikes- the old school ones, this is by far the most popular form of transportation. Something about the hippy vibe and the convenient basket in front, makes this bike an all time Burning-man favorite. I had one myself. The large wheels and comfy wide seat makes this option very suitable for the commute around the burn. Unlike mountain bikes, this one is more for style and stroll, Which fits perfectly since no speeding is necessary at any time, let alone allowed. Don’t forget to lock your bike whenever you park, people will take it if not. This happens for few reasons, first people don’t pay attention, they’re confused and accidentally take your bike, second, they are stuck because someone else took their and they have friends waiting so they pick up the nearest one. I don’t believe (or want to believe) that anybody comes with an agenda to take someone else’s bike but it does happen for one reason or another so lock your bike, to itself, to a friend’s bike and you’re good to go.

Electric bike- a new hype that was introduced to the Burn in the recent 2-3 years. This bike is a serious upgrade, helps you preserve energy for other things, because regular bikes are at times exhausting. With an e-bike you don’t have to think twice before going to this weird glowing thing far away you want to check out. Also, when it comes to peeing, which is a big deal in the desert, half of us actually got arrested for it. So when you need to go urgently you will be very thankful for having one that does the hard work for you. It’s true that it’s a more spoiled way to burn but you get to see more, and it’s no eye-catcher near the beautiful art cars. I highly recommend this transportation method, also helps save energy.


Segway- for some reason these things were a huge flop globally, but in Burning-man I have seen probably more segways that I saw my entire life combined. The large tires are suitable for desert conditions, it’s kind of easy to transport with you, and it’s distinguishable from other transports which makes it easy to locate and hard to steal. I personally haven’t tried one of these but I have a few friends that rent only those every year.


Electric Skateboard- again have seen maybe two my entire life and at least a twenty at Burning-man. I think it’s one of those tools you really don’t have many places in the world to enjoy them, Burning-man is the perfect place for it. The shiny colors that appear at night, the suitable heavy tires, and the unbelievably cool look are some of the reasons why this is a perfect playa transportation.

Art Car- art cars I would say are the Rolls-Royce of Burning-Man, and yes we are all equal in the community but when you are riding your old school bike in 100 degrees and one of those passes you by, full or people partying and drinking you damn right you feel like you are in beat up old car while they're in a Rolls Royce, the beauty of it, you will always be invited to join them. Art cars for me are a veteran/professional burner badge. People spend all year, meeting once every few months or every day the last couple of months to create a beautiful piece of art that actually takes you from one beauty to another. The amount of creativity these vehicles bring to the playa are unbelievable and I mean unbelievable because no matter what you have seen or experienced, this is a whole other level of art and one that is there engage with people. Some art cars play music and become a stage when they feel like it. Other art cars have a built-in bar in them. Other ones behave like a crate and allow you to view the burn from high up, it’s art to be used, art for the people.

By Foot- this is by far the least common form of transportation and it will take you exactly 10 minutes to understand why, crossing the playa by foot takes about two to three hours, crossing the whole burn by foot will probably take you a few days. By walking, you will be able to explore a small segment of the festival, because energy will evaporate pretty quickly, distances are very hard to asses at Burning-man because you have the ability to see miles and miles away, everything is flat, it’s an extremely unique demographic and one of the reasons I would say is hard to capture the size of the event in pictures, even the size of monuments, some seem like my height (and that’s pretty short) and only when you get closer you will realise it’s the size of a small building, again the horizon makes for a very unique perspective of things, such as length and reach. I know some burners who prefer walking rather then other forms of transportation, because it allows them to experience things in a way that they are not constrained by their vehicle, aso gives you the freedom to jump on and off art cars.I personally would not recommend choosing this form of transportation since it really will feel like endless walking and in my opinion better preserve the energy and time, if you are stuck without a bike, the green bikes spread all over the playa are for you to take enjoy, but not lock. If you are already walking, feel free to hitch a ride from art cars or anyone else, these sometimes end up being the best moments you will experience.


Whichever way you choose to cruise the playa, you will experience, absorb, collect and feel the magic every step of the way...

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