Why You Need An E-Bike

10 Situation why your life at BM is better with an e-bike...

  1. You are on your way to the man and ready to explore, but you forgot your water pack, Do you go back to your camp? Which is pretty far, or you take a risk under the desert sun?
  1. You want to see who’s playing at another stage, but you peddled so far into deep playa, that it becomes a calculated decision process, weighing the pros and cons.
  1. You just started painting an elephant statue and it’s an exciting moment, you have to call your friend she will love this! But you peddled so far to get here.
  1. You've been partying at Robot heart all night and suddenly beautiful sunrise, then noon, then you feel like a walking corpse, who has to peddle back to the camp and may or may not survive.
  1. You have to pee, but the nearest port-a-potty is very far in the horizon, your legs are tired, but your body needs to go, a mind vs body battle.
  1. You met a cute girl, she came with an art car, you want to go back to your camp together, you take her on your bike, you start paddling, you’re showing a happy face, deep down your body is on countdown to collapse, happy face? Still there, only starting to change colors.
  1. Your friends slept, ate, showered, and are full of energy. ready to explore the whole playa, you haven’t seen them in 3 days, you're dying to spend time with them, but you have been partying, meeting people and basically remained awake for the last 46-70 not sure how many hours,  you start peddling, and feeling dizzy, 2 minutes later you lost them.
  1. There are 2 shiny colorful art installation you want to see, each in a completely opposite directions, since you can’t really estimate distances, you have to pick one for tonight which will it be?
  1. Someone took your friend’s bike, now you are both riding back together, he wants you to take him because this must mean “the playa doesn’t want him to peddle tonight” only, he’s twice your size.
  1. You came with your bike, it’s a regular bike, looks like any other, you forgot to lock, you explore, you come back, bike gone, your second pair of legs…. Get an e-bike people don’t confuse e-bikes.

With an e-bike you don't think twice before crossing the playa... 

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