Our Story

We have been going to Burning-man since 2013. 

Each year we would spend hundreds of dollars running to all to all kinds of stores to buy what we thought we needed for the journey. We went to places like Target and Walmart  and improvised by using the best things we could find out there.

Take for instance a reusable cup, this is one precious item that we bought each year because we kept choosing the wrong one. We took a plastic version that kept getting so nasty we had to throw it out, this happened 3 different times with 3 different options. Only after making a few mistakes we realised what kind of cup we need, and for the first time last year we had a cup on us, at all times, it was the perfect one and it took a few fall-outs to understand that. Water pack is another product we underestimated and last year we each had one for the first time and it was a game changer. 

E-bike is a whole other story, this for us, was probably the most significant upgrade of all. It is far from being a must tough, we both had amazing years with a regular bikes as well the only thing we do urge you to not comprise on, is having one that suitable for deep sand so mountain bikes, or good tires will make a huge imporvement.

All these are just a few reasons why we started this shop, we wanted to help other burners along the way with pains we knew so closely and experienced ourselves. The idea was born after last year, when we did a proper research and found great products that for the first time for both of us actually lasted and were loved and appreciated on the playa. Yes, we are making a small profit and we are not ashamed of it, we did not open the store just to make money because creating something so seasonal will deff not make us rich, we wanted to work everyday on something we love, cherish and enjoy and preparing for Burning-man became one of them after we did it well finally last year. 

 3 main reasons why we started this:

1. To help other burners who experienced the same inefficiencies as us, by making this part of the process easy fun and cost effective.

2. To share great product we found, and offer curated items that were tested and are suitable for such conditions, rather than random stuff found in Target.

3. To make a profit, we are not hiding it in any way, but this is not the main objective. We all spend money to go there so why not offer more curated items that will actually preform better in desert conditions. 

The shop is one side of the story providing advice is another, we helped many groups with various aspects of preparation. We are here to help the community by answering questions, addressing concerns, and providing tips from our personal experience. We would love to help you out so please feel free to contact us for anything at all!!

Call us, text us, shoot us an email, we value every connection we make, we hope to strengthen the values of sharing and unity that make this community so special 

Hope to burn together!